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Buy Babool Online Bangalore

Babool is a tooth paste brand which was dispatched in India by Balsara Hygiene in 1987. Babool is produced using the bark of the Babool tree, which has generally been utilized to clean teeth in India. The brand was situated as financial toothpaste with the slogan "Babool paisa the vasool". Babool was relaunched with the slogan "Start an extraordinary day, the Babool path" in 2002, when Babool was Balsara's greatest brand. In 2005, Babool was sold by Balsara to Dabur alongside other Balsara toothpaste brands Promise and Meswak in an Inr1.43 billion (Us$24 million) arrangement. Starting 2007, the Babool brand was esteemed at Inr1 billion (Us$17 million). Online Babool Toothpaste is a common toothpaste pressed with the therapeutic profits of Babul tree 'Acacia Arabia'. The Babul home grown concentrate in Dabur's Buy Babool Toothpaste helps forestall swelling and draining of gums, keeping your gums sound and teeth solid. Babool Toothpaste is accessible in 6 SKUS: Family Pack, 380gm, 190gm, 90gm, 50gm and 30gm. Buy Babool Online in Bangalore only at Eztrolley.