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Buy Cornitos Online Bangalore

Cornitos is an impeccable 'in the middle of dinners' nibble and its nourishing quality adds an alternate solid eating alternative to wellbeing cognizant individuals. Cornitos Nacho Crisps are accessible in 30g, 60g, 150g pockets and 50g jars. Cornitos is accessible in nine flavors - Sizzlin Jalapeno, Cheese, Herbs, Tomato Mexicana, Tikka Masala, Sea Salt, Lime, Mint, Thai Sweet Chili, Barbeque and Wasabi. Cornitos likewise has scope of Mexican enjoyments and Dips. They are all regular Salsa (Red and Green), Jalapenos – (Tin, Whole and Sliced), Sweet Relish, Gherkins (Tin and Sliced) and Cheese Dips (Plain and Jalapeno). The New International pack with an interesting taste of CORNITOS, Flavored Tortilla Corn chips is an enormous hit with the customers who are sick of expending customary snacks. What make CORNITOS diverse is its one of a kind arrangement and the nature of both the Imported corn and the elements utilized the chips are heated & browned in corn oil to brilliant tan, making it crispier and the integrity of value protein makes it healthier also. CORNITOS is a Mexican Food with Authentic International Flavors. The chips are dainty & firm with Zero Cholesterol, Trans-Fat Free and 40% less oil as contrast with normal potato chips. The chips are without smog and without gluten OnlineCornitos provides for you an average day by taking the great nature of item. BuyCornitos which is a solid brand recommended by all. BuyCornitos Online in Bangalore just at Eztroll