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Ujala supreme makes you to rise and shine with confidence. Just four drops of Ujala supreme brightens the fibres and gives clothes the whiteness you deserve. Ujala Supreme has aultra-radiancemolecules which helps it to dissolve faster, penetrate deep and act instantly to make clothes dazzling white. Add only 4 drops to litre of water and you will get never before whiteness with uniform and consistent results. Ujala stiff and shine revives clothes from harsh effects of detergent and keeps them looking new. Eveb after a year. Cotton or polyster, coloured or white looks more elegent and confident. Ujala stiff and shine unique formula Poly FX formula works on each fibre and gives the wonder effect of crisper and smoother fabric. Ujala Detergent powder is specially formulated to superior cleaning of clothes with a pleasant fragrance, leaving clothes fresh and clean. Ujala detergent prevent fabric from getting dull and rough and helps keep your clothes bright and smooth as new at an affordable cost. Ujala IBF 100 gives a perfect clean whiteness and brightness of your clothes, specially formulated with intense brightness factor 100 to ensure clothes retain their shine. It rejuvenates, protects and prolong life of your white and coloured clothes.Get Buy Ujala product today at eztrolley online. Online Ujala products buy which is a best brand proposed by all. Buy Ujala products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.