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Vijay products are fast growing brand. Products like ravadosa mix, badam drink, payasomsplmix,ragidosa mix, health mix, etc. Vijay products are 100% hygienic and natural, authentic and heartwarming, Vijay food items are hyginecally processed to ensure the flavour and aroma can retained for long lasting. Instant Dosa Mixes: RavaDosa is good for diabetics, Ravadosa gives enerfy and it’s a balanced food. Ravadosa is a diet food during fever. Rava is vital for important body function. RagiDosa Mix for weight loss its contain tryptophan and amino acid which reduce appitite. Vijay Ragidoda mix has higher amountofdietryfiber compared with white rice and other gains. Ragi is a low fat cereal. Soy dosa mix is a rich in protein. Soy is rich source of vitamin E and Magnesium. Soy improves height and weight of children, improves memory. Vijay Rava Idly Mix And Vijay Ragi Idly mix is also available. Vijay Badam Drink: Badam drink helps with weight management. There is no Cholestrol in badam milk and low in sodium high in omega fatty acid typically found I fish. It prevents heart disease and blood pressure. Vijay Badam drink keeps bone strong and glowing skin. Get Buy Vijay product today at eztrolley online. Vijay products online which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Vijay products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.