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Buy Weikfield Online Bangalore

Weikfield is a range of delicious calcium rich custard that can use as simple creamy custard form, dressed up, pudding, topping and trifles much more. Weikfield is a great dessert for all age group and milk source for children. Custard available in classic vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, mango and pineapple flavours. Weikfield is for all types of cooking. It has a double raising action. If it activated soon the batter is sifted and mixed. It can use for baking biscuits, cake, pastry or whatever it is, the baked thing will most delecated texture, fluffy and light. Weikfield conflour is extracted from maize. Cornflour is a gluten free thickening agent. Weikfieldcornflour dissolves easily, fine and pure. Idel for gravies, puddings, sauces, soups and all sorts of Chinese dishes. Wiekfield jellies contain gelatin and animal derivative. It has a pioneered a total vegetarian formulation by using plant extracts. Jellies available in lip smaking flavors apple, lime, cherry, banana, orange, raspberry and strawberry. Jellies set easily at room temperature without refrigeration. Weikfield cremelle pudding mix, freeze ice cream mix, coco powder, icing sugar, vanilla powder,. . Get Buy Weikfield products today at eztrolley online. Online Weikfield products buy Weikfield which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Weikfield Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.