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Whisper Ultra clean pads are longer than other ordinary pads. It gives you long lasting protection. Whisper ultra-Wings Pads nearly 20% longer than other Pad. Its lock core helps to absorb fluid and lock it like a gel for long. Dri Weave Cover provides soft and dry protection. A use Ultra clean wing for your period flow is moderate. Whisper Ultra Clean Pads available in different packs Whisper ultra-clean L wings it contains 8 and 15 pads, Whisper ultra-clean XL wings gives 40% longer protection than other pads. Available in pack of 7, 15 and 30 Pads. Whisper ultra-Soft pads gives you the best that’s gentle on skin and long lasting protection. It’s a new avatar for long lasting protection. Its helps your skin to get all the pampering and you get the confidence. Fluffy soft cover like cotton is gentle to your skin. Stretchable wings wrap snugly around your pants to keep the pad without moving. Whisper Maxi fit Pads Designed forfit the curves for tension free periods. Whisper Ultra Nights are overnight pads with wide back for long lasting night protection and longer length. Get Whisper Products today at eztrolley online. Buy Whisper products online. Online Whisper products buy which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Whisper Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.