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Wipro products are personal care, baby care, soaps, toiletries, wellness products, domestic and commercial lighting, electric wire devices and modular office furniture. Santoor Soap: it contains sandal and turmeric it makes the skin fairer and younger. Santoor white combined with two premium ingredients milk of almonds and sandal. Santoor grown from traditional south indian soap to a modern beauty soap carried the secret of younger looking skin of different ages .Santoor variants- Santoor white, Santoor Honey and apricot, Santoor glycerine. Santoor talc comes in tall and stylish pack with curves and flip top cap. It’s a super fine talc. Santor talc easily spreadable with an international fragrance. It makes younger looking skin, soft and glowing. Santoorhand wash: keeps your hand soft and safe. Santoor hand wash available in three varients, glycerine & apricot, extra moisturizing and essential oil. Santoorhand wash is a mixture of natural ingredients, santoor hand wash offer double protection. Santoor face wash- Fairness face wash gel with saffron and sandal that have inherent properties giving fairness to skin and Fairness moisturising Facewash with sandal extract and almond milk. It’s a deep cleanses and active ingredient gently nourishes the skin to make fresh and beauty. Santoordeo available in six varients- Charismatic, Enhance, grace, poise, energize and sparkle. Each with its unique fragrance like lily, tuberose, passion flower, floral active, lemon active and fruit vitalizes. SantoorDeo contains triclosan that controls body odour and long lasting fragrance gives fresh feeling to the women. Get Wipro Products today at eztrolley online. Buy Wipro Products online. Online Wipro Products which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Wipro Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.