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Wizz is a big range of powerful cleaning product . Wizz made with up to the minute formulation. Wizz is effective and efficient to make your cleaning job easier and quicker. WizzOxi Powder is a fabric stain remover with active oxygen is a fabulous product which has received industry acclaim and countless testimonials to prove outstanding performance Versatile enough to be used as laundry additive in the wash drawer or on its own for soaking. Oxi Powder fabric stain remover is capable of removing variety of stains from tea, coffee and all types of stains. Wizz helps to every fussy task around the home. Bathroos, kitchen, floor, carpet, sink, cooker and glass, Wizz makes your cleaning jobs easier. Wizz Germ Killer products: Wizz 4 in 1 disinfectant spray, Wizz anti-bacterial cleaner, Wizz spray with bleach. Wizz 4 in 1 is ideal for surrounding areas, baths, toilet bowls, and sinks. It is a concentrated disinfectant. It kills 99% Bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, and streptococcus., Wizz Antibacterial Cleaner specially formulated to use in all areas of the home to ensure safe germ free environment. Wizz Spray with bleach fantastic product uniquely formulated for use on soiling and staining on non- porous surface like enamel, work surface, glazed ceramic tiles, cooker tops and sinks. Wizz Kitchen Products: Wizz laminated wood floor cleaner, Wizz mould and mildew remover, Wizz glass &window with vinegar. Wizz laminate wood floor cleaner formulated to give a mild but cleansing action on most types of sealed wood finishes. This cleaner excellent at removing grime and grease from surfaces with no rinsing. Wizz mould and mildew is ideal for edge of fridge, freezer door, window frames, shower tiles, enamel, shower curtains and all type of plastic. Wizz glass & window with vinegar leaves your surface sparkling and smear free. Wizz Bathroom cleaner: Wizz Shower Cleaner, Wizz Multi action bathroom .Wizz Shower cleaner designed for daily use to prevent soap deposits and grime, build up of limescale. It can be used on shower surface like chrome, tiles, fiberglass, etc. Buy Wizz product online. Wizz Online product buy which is a best brand proposed by all. Buy Wizz Products Online in Bangalore just at eztrolley.