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Yagna Incense Sticks is essence of the ancient vedic practise. Yagna producing Agarbatti by materials which offered into sacrificial fire in ancient days,Yagna contains Karpoora, PanchGavya, PacheKarpoora, Agaru, Sandal, Kasturi, Jaipatre, Jaikai, Dried wood from sacred trees, honey and etc., these have been distilled in a concentrated form to make Yagna Incense sticks.Yagna is the finest productmanufactured by Cycle Pure Agarbathies. Yagna bring two energy systems together Yagna’s fire and vedic mantra to achieve desired spiritual, physical and psychological benefits.In Vedic times the ritual of sacrifice has centred on the Yagna.Yagna offering aromatic and medicinal herbs, barks, leaves, resins, exudates, grasses, roots, seeds and twigs along with ghee. Yagna create one’s positive karma and removes negative karma.Yagna performs to appease god, yagna fragrance are long lasting at pooja. Yagna purifies the environment and vitalizing, invigorating effects on individuals, also acting as a natural disinfectant. Yagna contains vapourised medicines and herbs which enter the human body through the nose and pores of skin. Yagna eradicate diseases causing by bacteria and other micro-organisms. Yagna incense sticks has a spiritual experiment with an inner aspects, it means of worshiping the god or one’s own inner self. Yagna is a fire purifiy. Yagna remind us to keep god as the centre of our lives than ourselves. The real purpose of yagna is to self-sacrifies, self-restraint, charity, generosity, compassion, beneficence etc in our daily life. Light and experience this natural sticks. Get yagna product today at eztrolley online. Buy Yagna Products online. Online Yagna buy which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Yagna Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.