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Yardley is a famous luxury fragrance and soap. House of Yardley was started in mid-seventeenth century I England during the reign of King Charles 1. Yardley Signature fragrance, Classic Fragrance, Floral Bath & Body, Mens, Gift, EAU Toilette, Body Spray, Body Lotion & Hand Cream, Soap, Talc and Body Wash. Yardley is the oldest cosmetics, perfume and toiletry company in the world. Yardley also introduced English Blazer it’s a mens fragrance. Yardley has associated with British Royal Family and awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment Six times.Yardley Deodorant are fragrant and alluring. Yardley Deodorant are available in five scents: Red Rose, Lace, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lily of the valley. Lily of the valley Lily grows as a wild flower in the valley of Britain, it’s a fragrant bell shaped flower.British legend St. Leonard fought against a great dragon in the wood and died. The lilies of the valley bloomed at the spots where the hero blood felled. The fragrance of these flowers attracts the nightingale from bushes and leads him to choose mate in the open space. For god sake Yardley lily of the valley are much more romantic. Sandalwoodis simply intoxicating, sweet and charming, it also smell scare and pure. Sandalwoods has been scented by the god.Jasmineis absolutely lovely. It’s a original scent of the blooming jasmin. Cleopatra used to keep the sails of her ship soaked in jasmin flower to Luke Mark Antony.Red rosethis is tad on stronger side. It smell loud and garish unless you are big fan of rose. Do you know the rose in the garden of eden was originally white after Eve kissed the white rose, it blushed and became red.Laceis mildest and most sophisticated, pleasant and sweet. Yardley Luxury Soap treats your skin gentle. Upside of the soap is fragrance lingers even after hours of use. The presence of lavender oil leaves your skin fresh with mild and lingering scent. Get yardley product today at eztrolley online. Buy Yardley Products online. Online Yardley products which a best brand proposed by all. Buy Yardley Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.