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Zermisol is cleaning properties which not only kill the germs, but also keep the floor sparkling clean. Zermisol kills bacteria, virusus and protozoa, Zermisol is not allowing them to spread diseases. The solution is thick the protection lasts for a longer time. This stuff is heavy duty. Be sure to use precautions. Zermisol has excellent and powers through tough stains. Even sticky areas sparkle after being cleaned. If you are looking for friendly cleaner Zermisol is a great choice. Zermisole cleaning acid removes sticky and tough stains from the floor’s, it has good fragrance, effective ingredients that helps to clean the house. Buy Zermisol cleaning acid bleaching powder is a chemical with calcium hypochlorite. It is used for water treatment. The residual effect of chlorine protects water from getting infected. Zermisol bleaching powder is used for the disinfection of drinking water or swimming pool water. Zermisol bleach powder cab be scrubbed on the pathways to rub dirt and grease. Zermisol bleaching powder is used for surface and fabrics both indoor and outdoor and also removing mold and mildew. Online Zermisol which a best brand is proposed by all. Buy Zermisole Products Online Bangalore just at eztrolley.