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Only 2 Kgs allowed per order placed with EZTrolley. You can place multiple orders with no restrictions on duration between each order or number of orders.


Onions Large can be found in the kitchen of pretty much every committed cook. They finish the taste of numerous dishes. Onions won't just upgrade your cooking, they offer various wellbeing profits. Onions come in distinctive colors, sizes and tastes. There are two sorts of onions. One is the expansive, round sort alluded to as spring/summer onions. As the name recommends, these onions are developed in warm climate. These are the Maui Sweet onion, Vidalia and Walla. They have a sweet or gentle taste. Onions help to keep countless conditions. The chromium in onions attempts to enhance the cell's reaction to insulin. Investigations of diabetics demonstrate that onions lower insulin levels and enhance capacity to bear glucose. Onions likewise help in the support of sound bones. They are particularly useful for ladies who are at more serious danger for osteoporosis throughout menopause. Online Onion Large are also fresh like you bought from your nearest vegetable store. Buy Onion Large which contains healthy nutrients. Buy Onion Large Online in Bangaloreonly at EZTrolley.


is one of the best products in Vegetables under the category Fruits & Vegetables It is packed in 1kg pack. MRP of Onion Large is Rs44 and if you buy from EZtrolley online supermarket you get a discount of 2 Percentage. so the EZ Price is Rs.44 which is the best price offered online. Onion Large is an amazing product from Ez premium Brand which is best in the category of Vegetables . EZTrolley makes it easy to buy Onion Large online in comparison to any of the other online supermarkets in Bangalore with user friendly navigation. You can find Onion Large directly under the Brands list created for your convenient shopping online. Online Onion Large | buy Onion Large | Onion Large Bangalore | online Onion Large Bangalore | buy Onion Large online | Onion Large buy online Bangalore | Buy Ez premium online Bangalore | Buy Fruits & Vegetables online Bangalore | Buy Vegetables online Bangalore Buy Fish Online Bangalore | Fish Online Bangalore | Online Vegetables Shopping Bangalore | Online Supermarket In Bangalore | Online Vegetables Shopping

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