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Tuna Fish

Tuna Fish

Rs.180 Rs.179

  • 1kg

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Description of Tuna Fish 500gms in Bangalore

Tuna Fish

is one of the best products in Fresh Seafood under the category Non-Veg & Frozen Food It is packed in 500gms pack. MRP of Tuna Fish is Rs 110 and if you buy from EZtrolley online supermarket you get a discount of 2 Percentage. so the EZ Price is Rs.108 which is the best price offered online. Tuna Fish is an amazing product from Ez premium Brand which is best in the category of Fresh Seafood . EZTrolley makes it easy to buy Tuna Fish online in comparison to any of the other online supermarkets in Bangalore with user friendly navigation. You can find Tuna Fish directly under the Brands list created for your convenient shopping online. Online Tuna Fish | buy Tuna Fish | Tuna Fish Bangalore | online Tuna Fish Bangalore | buy Tuna Fish online | Tuna Fish buy online Bangalore | Buy Ez premium online Bangalore | Buy Non-Veg & Frozen Food online Bangalore | Buy Fresh Seafood online Bangalore Buy Fish Online Bangalore | Fish Online Bangalore | Online Vegetables Shopping Bangalore | Online Supermarket In Bangalore | Online Vegetables Shopping

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