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Fruits & Vegetables

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Fruits and Vegetables in bangalore

Fruits are derived from the specific tissue of a flower and are part of flowering plant. A fruit is a sweet tasting plant product. Eating fruits is good for health. Fruits may be fresh, canned, frozen. Fruits are of two types: Seedless fruit and seed dissemination fruit.


  • Seedless fruits are commercial fruits like bananas, pineapple.
  • Seed dissemination fruits are like grapes and mangoes.


Fruits are loaded with nutritional value as it contains fiber, vitamin c and low in fat. None have cholesterol. Eating a cup of fruit per day reduces the health risk .


There are many more classification of fruits like fleshy fruits and dry fruits.


  • Fleshy fruits they are made of living cell and are often sweet and juicy.
  • Dry fruits are made of dead cells.




The word vegetable was derived from French .Vegetables are edible part of plants considered fit for human consumption. It is intended for cooking or eating.  Vegetable are eaten either raw as salad or cooked as savory. Vegetable contains important nutrient content like protein, vitamin A, K, B6, pro vitamins , carbohydrates, minerals. Vegetables contain necessary nutrients for skin and hair as well.


The shelf life of vegetable increases when stored in cold. Many root vegetables can be stored in winter in a warm place to avoid the growth of sprout. Leafy vegetables should be stored in cool place sealed in plastic bag.




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