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Besan Oats Chilla Recipe

Besan Oats Chilla Recipe

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Gold Winner Sunflower Oil
Tata Salt
Achi Turmeric powder
1/4 Tablespoon
everest tikhalal red chilli powder
1/4 Tablespoon
Coriander Leaves Cut
1/4 Cup
Green Chillies Sliced
1 Number
Ginger Chopped
1/2 Pinch
Agro Fresh Cumin Jeera
1/4 Teaspoon
Tomato Diced
1/4 Cup
Onion Sliced
1/4 Cup
EZ Premium Besan Flour
1/2 Cup
Saffola Oats
1/2 Cup

Preperation steps

  1. now add everything except for oil and water.

  2. whisk to a smooth flowing consistency in the batter without any lumps. break lumps if any while mixing batter.

  3. heat a tawa or a flat pan on a low flame. you can use an iron tawa or a non stick pan. if using iron griddle or tawa, then spread a bit of oil on the tawa. let the pan become medium hot. then take a ladle full of the batter and pour on the pan.

  4. gently with the back of the ladle, begin to spread the batter. spread lightly and gently so that the cheela does not break.

  5. continue to cook till the base gets light golden. then flip, now cook the other side.

  6. cook this side till you see golden spots on the oats besan cheela.

  7. fold and serve hot or warm. can also be packed in tiffin box.

  8. serve oats cheelas plain or with any chutney of your choice or with tomato sauce.

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