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Mushroom Korma

Mushroom Korma

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Tata Salt
1 Pinch
Catch Red Chilli Powder
1 Teaspoon
aachi coriander powder
1 Teaspoon
aachi garam masala
1 Teaspoon
aachi turmeric powder
1 Teaspoon
Agro Fresh Urad Dal Black Split
1/2 Tablespoon
Agro Fresh Cumin Jeera
1/2 Tablespoon
Amira Organic Mustard Seeds
1/2 Tablespoon
Dabur Hommade Ginger Garlic Paste
1 Tablespoon
Mushrooms Oyster
250 Gram
Tomato Diced
1 Cup
Onion Diced
1/3 Cup
Agro Fresh Cashew Split
10 Number
Britte Grated Coconut Frozen
1/2 Cup

Preperation steps

  1. 8531; cup hot water for 15 minutes. soaking cashews helps to grind them better, especially if you have a blender or mixer-grinder which has difficulty grinding nuts and seeds. but if you do not have time to soak, then just chop them and grind with coconut.

  2. soak 10 to 12 cashews in &

  3. 8531; cup fresh water and grind to a smooth paste. if using desiccated coconut, then use warm water while grinding. keep the coconut-cashew paste aside.

  4. add &

  5. when the cashews are soaking, rinse or wipe the mushrooms and slice or chop them. also chop the onions and tomatoes. keep aside.

  6. 8531; cup chopped onions. begin to saute the onions on a low to medium flame, till the onions begin to get light brown.

  7. saute till the urad dal turns a maroonish red. cook on a low flame, so that the urad dal, fenugreek seeds and cumin do not burn. then add &

  8. mix the spice powders very well with the onion tomato masala. now add the sliced or chopped mushrooms. mix well and saute the mushroom on a low to medium flame for 5 to 6 minutes. then add the coconut-cashew paste and 10 to 12 curry leaves. mix very well and saute for 2 to 3 minutes on a low flame.

  9. when the masala is getting sauteed, add 2 cups water in the blender jar. swirl and rotate the jar gently so that the remaining coconut-cashew paste gets mixed with water.

  10. now add this water to the masala mixture. mix well. season with salt as per taste. cover the pan with a lid and simmer mushroom korma for 14 to 15 minutes.

  11. when the korma is done, you will see specks of oil floating on top and the curry will also thicken a bit.

  12. garnish with some chopped coriander leaves and serve mushroom korma hot with steamed rice, chapatis or pooris.

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