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Ragi Kheer

Ragi Kheer

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EZ premium Cardamom
1/8 Teaspoon
EZ Premium American Badam
3 Number
EZ premium Plain Pista
3 Number
EZ premium Cashew Whole
6 Number
Trust Classic Super Fine Sugar
1/4 Cup
Nandini GoodLife Toned Milk
1.5 Cup
EZ premium Ragi Flour
2 Tablespoon
Revathi Ghee
1 Tablespoon

Preperation steps

  1. firstly heat 1.5 cups of milk in a thick bottomed pan till it comes to a boil. keep the hot milk aside.

  2. then in another thick bottomed pan or kadai, heat one tablespoon of ghee.

  3. reduce the flame. add 1.5 tablespoons ragi flour.

  4. saute and stir continuously. soon the ragi flour will release its aroma. it takes about 2 to 3 mins on low flame. stir continuously so that the ragi flour gets roasted well.

  5. now add 2 tablespoons of hot milk. overall we have used 1.5 cups of hot milk for the kheer, but the hot milk needs to be added in small batches.

  6. after adding 2 tablespoons of hot milk, keep continuously stirring so the ragi flour combines well in the milk, the mixture should be smooth and lump free.

  7. now add more 2 tablespoons of hot milk, continuously keep stirring. ensure that there are no lumps formed. we need a smooth mixture for the kheer. now pour the rest of hot milk and stir well.

  8. 8539; teaspoon of cardamom powder. add 6 to 7 saffron strands.

  9. sprinkle &

  10. mix well and simmer for 2 to 3 mins on low flame. you will see the kheer thickening.

  11. the kheer will start bubbling & rising. keep stirring the kheer.

  12. the ragi kheer has to be of medium consistency. after 1 to 2 mins switch off the flame.

  13. you can serve ragi kheer hot or warm or chilled as a dessert or breakfast. do note that on cooling, the kheer will become thick. once the kheer has come to a room temperature, then refrigerate.

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