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Buy Butter Online in Bangalore

Butter is made by made by churning milk fat. It has a solid waxy texture with a deep yellow color. It is a dairy product made mostly from cow’s milk, water buffalo milk, yak milk, sheep milk. Butter has 80 % of fat and valuable source of Vitamin A, vitamin D. It is source of dietary cholesterol. It is used as a spread for bread. Butter is whipped after churning to make it smooth for spreads. Salt is added as a preservative to butter. Best buy butter online in Bangalore from eztrolley.com, the largest seller of dairy products online in Bangalore.

Butter is the most commonly used spread on bread for breakfast. We all are aware that butter is high in calories however according to studies foods with high calories are also very beneficial for the human body. Butter online is rich in anti ageing Vitamin A and enzymes, hence it enhances the taste of food and also our life. Scientifically, it is said that white butter actually helps to lose weight as it contains lecithin, which helps in proper assimilation and metabolism fats and cholesterol. This helps in breakdown of fats more efficiently, hence helping in weight loss. It also prevents your craving for more food while you are on a diet. Buy butter online Bangalore as it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which boosts your immune system and protects you from illness like flu, common cold, or stomach upset. When you buy butter online in Bangalore look for low fats butter as it has more benefits and helps you maintain your calories. Buy fresh butter online in Bangalore from Eztrolley as we have the best to offer you.