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Candy is confectionery sweetmeats that have sugar as their primary ingredient along with coloring materials. Some candies even have fruit and nut. Candies are categorized based on their sugar content. However Candies are categorized into sugar candies, chewing gums and chocolates. Sugar candies are hard candies, caramels, marshmallows. Candies are usually made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form a syrup and are boiled uptill the water evaporated and forms a desired texture. Buy Candy comes in variety of texture depending on ingredients, from soft, chewy to hard and brittle. Because of high sugar content candies are free from bacterial growth and has a long shelf life when stored at room temperature. Mint another type of confectionery made by adding mint flavor. Depending on ingredients used and amount of mint added it gives the fragrance to mint chocolate. Gum also called chewing gum widely used among young generation. Chewing gum is a soft confectionary sweetened flavored which is only for chewing but not for swallowing. Gum is made of latex both natural and artificial. Gums are not water soluble. Best buy of candy, mint and gum online in Bangalorefrom EZTrolley for the best delivery service.

Candy also called as sweet or toffee is a confectionery food mostly made of sugar as the principle ingredient. Candy, mints and gums come under sugar confectionery food and are available in every grocery store nearby. You can buy candy online in Bangalore and eat it casually as a snack in between meals. Mints are menthol flavored candies that are generally eaten any time of the day to get rid of mouth odor. Mints come in many flavors and some mints like ginger flavor also used for medicinal purpose. Chewing gums are also used as instant mouth fresheners. You can buy gums online in Bangalore and chew it daily to get rid of the stubborn fats around your cheeks as chewing gum is a very good exercise for your cheeks. Buy candy bags online in Bangalore for your kids birthday for them to distribute it amongst their friends and teachers. You can buy candy, mints and gums online in Bangalore with Eztrolley from popular brands at reasonable prices.