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Buy Canned Items Online In Bangalore

Canned food item are those in which the food content is preserved sealed in an airtight container. In 1795 Nicolas Appert of French suggested canning of food stuff in a air tight glass container. Buy Canned food items used up to five years if not opened. Canned dried lentils can be used as long as 30years. Although the vitamin and nutrient content would have lost. Later steel packaging was introduced. Steel packaging or tin can is a container for storage of food made of thin metal. Tin can for storing food was introduced by Frenchman in 1810.Steel packaging is recycled material. Although tin is not a corrosion material acidic foods can cause corrosion of tin layer which causes health issues. Buy canned food item online in Bangalore from EZTrolley the largest seller of canned items in Bangalore.

Canned food contains processed foods that are sealed in tight containers so that the food’s shelf live increases from one to five years. Canning is a very effective method of preserving food and canned food is found to have the same or more nutritive value as fresh food. You can buy canned items online in Bangalore as canned foods are washed, prepared and put into a metal container with a canning fluid like water, salted water or fruit juice that are natural canning fluids. The canned items are then heat treated to ensure the microbial organism are killed that may spoil the food. You can buy canned items online in Bangalore like canned tuna online, canned salmon online or canned chicken online and combine with fresh vegetables to make healthy salads and serve as main course. When you do shopping to buy canned item online in Bangalore with Eztrolley you can choose from a verity of products like canned meat, canned tuna meat, chunks tuna , prunes, fruit cocktails, sweet corns, cherry, mango pulp, etc from popular manufacturers like Del Monte, Anchor, Brittle, Bumble Bee, Heinz etc all at the comfort of your home at no extra costs.