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Chips crispy snacks made from potato that are deep fried. Some countries call it the French fries. Chips first started in New York. In 19th century it became very popular and was a common menu item of every restaurant. Buy Chips online are one of the favorite and largest consumed snacks in the world and come in different varieties like: plain potato chips, cheese and butter, salt and vinegar etc. Frank Smith of Smith Potato Chips Company in 1926 started adding flavors to chips by adding salt. They have health hazards potato consumption increases weight gain, tooth decay. Buy Chips became a stock meal for the working class people all around the world. Buy the fresh and the crispy chips online at EZTrolley Bangalore’s biggest shopping shop. Now Ez to buy chips online in Bangalore

Chips are commonly served as snacks, side dish or appetizers. The basic ingredient of chips is potatoes. Potatoes are sliced thin and deep fried, baked or popped until crunchy. Basic chips are fried and salted, however now many varieties of chips have been introduced using additional flavors like cheese, herbs, spices etc. Children love chips as they are crispy and tasty. You can buy chips online in Bangalore if you have a birthday party at home as chips are the best snacks for various occasions. The other popular chips are banana chips that are loved not only by kids but elders also. You can buy fresh banana chips online in Bangalore with eztrolley at the convenience of your home. Chips are snacks that you can munch any time of the day. Chips are the best snacks to carry when you go out on a picnic with friends and family. For those who are health conscious you can buy baked chips online instead of fried from your favourite brands like Lays, Bingo, Kurkure, Pringles etc with Eztrolley.