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Cleaning supplies are usually liquid, powders, sprays, granules that are used to remove dirt, dust, strain, smell on surface. Cleaning supplies also kill bacteria. Fragrance and perfumes are added to cleaning supplies mixture to leave behind a smelling scent. It is important to make a cleaning supply list that fits every ones home. Every family and home is different. Meeting there cleaning needs are unique. Cleaning supplies are water solution that might be acidic, alkaline, and neutral. It can also be solvent based. Cleaning supplies are divided into 6 types • Dusting supplies: dusting is important if dust accumulates the house it leads to allergy. Dusting tools differ upon preference.eg vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloth etc. • Trash can: to collect the unwanted waste of household. • General surface cleaner: surface of homes get dirty often and it needs to be cleaned. eg sponges, gloves, scrubs etc • Specific supplies there are materials like gloves , wipes for specific supplies like oven , stove etc • Floor: it is the place which has most of dust in home. Clening supplies used to clean the floor depends on the type of floor commonly used cleaning supplies are broom, dustpan, mop stick, mop bucket etc. Best buy cleaning supplies online in Bangalore from eztrolley.com, the largest seller of cleaning supplies online in Bangalore.