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Cookies are type of crispy biscuits. The softness of cookies depends on how long it is baked. Cookies are usually baked with ingredients like egg, flour, sugar, butter or cooking oil along with some other ingredients depending on type of cookie cooked. Buy Cookies are classified as • Bar cookie: Batter and its ingredients are presses in pan multilayered and baked. Example brownie. • Drop cookie: Soft dough is dropped on a greased baking sheet and baked. Example chocolate chip cookie. • Filled cookie: the dough is filled with fruits and nuts. • Molded cookie: The dough is molded cookie shape by hand. Example peanut butter cookie • Pressed cookies: The dough is pressed using cookie presser. Cookie contains high fat with carbohydrates and proteins. Buy fresh cookies online in Bangalore with various varieties online from EZTrolley the largest online shop for cookies in Bangalore.

Cookies are small, flat baked foods that are usually made with a combination of flour, eggs, sugar and butter. Cookies are now available in wide variety made using different ingredients like chocolate chips, spices, nuts, butter, peanuts and dry fruits etc. Cookies have been a homemade product since ages and loved by all. However due to lack of time it will be difficult for you to bake cookies at home, hence we bring to you cookies online in Bangalore in our Ezstore where you can buy cookies online at the convenience of your home. Cookies have been an all time favorite snack for people of all ages, hence it will be a great snack to share with your entire family. You can buy cookies online in Bangalore of different varieties such as milk cookies, butter cookies, chocolate chips cookies and have it with tea or coffee for a quick breakfast. The latest types of cookies are choco fill cookies that come with a chocolate sauce filling inside and have become very popular. Buy cookies online in Bangalore with eztrolley from popular manufacturers that are as good as homemade cookies.