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Essence also called as flavoring agent. Essences are those that give flavor to other substance. Food flavor is altered by adding essence and keeping taste same for example in jellies and candies. Food essence is used worldwide for its purity and natural aroma. Essences are available in different variety like: fruit essence, food essence, dairy food essence, dry fruit essence etc. Essence is synthetically produced just to add flavor artificially and has no health benefits. Food Syrup a thick solution of sugar in water. Syrups can be made by dissolving sugar in water or by reducing natural sweet juices such as cane juice, maple sap. Corn syrup is made of corn starch with a enzymatic process that converts it to sugar. Buy Syrup can may be of a variety of sources, such as maple, glucose syrup, golden syrup. Glucose syrup is obtained by refining crystallized sugar. Some syrup are used in beverages as sugar does not dissolve easily in cold drink syrup liquid is used which is mixed easily with beverages. Syrup beverages are • Simple syrup is a basic sugar and water syrup used for making drinks in bars. • Flavored syrup they are made by adding flavors to simple syrup. Buy essence and  syrup online in Bangalore at EZTrolley the best seller of online in Bangalore.

While you are baking a cake for your loved ones, essence and syrups are very important as they will make your cake smell awesome and look presentable. Essence are not just used in baking, but can be added to any dessert or food you are cooking so that they smell good and have a unique flavor. There are different types of Essence and Syrups online Bangalore which you can use in various dishes and desserts. You can buy vanilla essence online in Bangalore if you want your food to smell like vanilla. Similarly you can Buy strawberry essence online, or rose essence online etc. You can buy chocolate syrup online in Bangalore and just add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle a few nuts and you sundae is ready to serve your kids. When you do shopping to Buy essence and syrups online in Bangalore you will have many options to choose from. Not just chocolate syrups, you can buy butterscotch syrup online, strawberry syrup online, or whichever is your favorite flavour. You name it, and we will deleiver it right to your doorstep.