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We all are aware of the benefits of having a glass of milk every day. However, it gets boring to have milk every day. Hence the flavored milk came into picture. Flavored milk along with all the nutritional benefits of milk has additional nutritive value of the flavor it is made off. Most of the flavored milk products have natural flavors. Convincing you children to finish their glass of milk is a very difficult task, but now with flavoured milk online it becomes easier to get them to finish it quickly without much fuss. You can buy flavoured milk online in Bangalore instead of the normal milk to enjoy your glass of milk daily. When you buy flavoured milk online in Bangalore with Eztrolley you can choose from different flavours like strawberry, badam, chocolate, mango, soya, elichi, kesar etc. from your favorite brands easily available at just a click away. Not just milk, you can buy flavoured yoghurt online in Bangalore and choose from flavors like strawberry, mango and sugar free products from brands like Nestle, Milky Mist etc.