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Buy Ice Creams Online In Bangalore

Ice cream a frozen dessert made from dairy product such as milk and cream. The favorite dessert of people of all age group. The origin of ice cream takes us back to 2th century. Most variety ice creams are combined with sugar, fruit and dry fruits to add flavors. Taste of ice cream vary from “less sweet” to terrifying sweet. Ice creams are mass produced and are widely available in the world. Ice cream has protein and carbohydrate component obtained from milk and high quantity of milk fat. buy ice cream was first started in 1888 by Marshall in this cookery book. Commercial ice cream is made by combining the liquid ingredients milk, syrup etc. These liquid are heated and mixed with fruits and nuts. This mixture is now to freeze and then served. Buy ice cream online in Bangalore from EZTrolley that delivers the product the same dayBuy ice cream online.