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Buy Instant Popcorn Online In Bangalore

Instant popcorn is a convenience food consisting of unpopped popcorn. It comes in a sealed paper bag intended to be heated in a microwave oven. It is possible to heat popcorn in the microwave. The homemade popcorn allows greater control over flavor and exposure. Popcorn is a type of corn that expands from kernel and puffs up when heated. Pressure builds up in the kernel and a small explosion results in buy popcorn online. It is a snack used served salted or sweetened. It is high in dietary fiber and antioxidants and low in calorie and fat, free of sugar and sodium. Best buy of instant popcorn online in Bangalore from eztrolley.com, the largest seller of instant popcorn online in Bangalore.

Instant popcorn also known as microwave popcorn is a packaged convenient food that consists of unpoped, dry corn that comes in a sealed paper bag which can be directly heated in the microwave. Along with the dried corn, the bag contains sufficient cooking oil and seasoning and natural and artificial flavorings. You can buy Popcorn online in Bangalore as popcorn is considered the healthiest snack as it is high in dietary fibers and antioxidants and contains very low fats and calories and does not contain sugar and sodium and at the same time very tasty to eat. You can buy instant popcorn online in Bangalore and easily prepare popcorn for your entire family and enjoy watching movies at home during the weekends with your loved ones. You can buy instant popcorn online in Bangalore with eztrolley to choose from different flavours of popcorn that are introduced newly. With these new flavors of instant popcorns available online at the convenience of your home, you don’t have to go all the way to the cinemas to have tasty popcorn.