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Buy Jaggery Online In Bangalore

Jaggery the main product of sugarcane and date palm. Although jiggery and sugar are obtained from the same source, they have different benefits and properties. They are just like two identical twins born from same parent sugarcane. Buy Jaggery is semi solid, softer than sugar, amorphous. The syrup from sugarcane is boiled continuously until it is formed into a thick paste, then poured on to molds of blocks to make jiggery of desired quantity. Since jiggery is made up of longer chain of sucrose, it provides energy for longer time and is not harmful for the body. Jaggery contains iron and mineral salt that are very much beneficial to the body. Jaggery online is very good as a cleansing agent. It cleanses the lungs, intenstine, stomach and respiratory track. Browse for the best quality and size buy jaggery online in Bangalorefrom EZTrolley the best seller of jaggery online store in Bangalore.

Are you among those people who love sugar and are worried about the extra calories as well?? Then replace your daily sugar intake with jaggery. It can be used instead of sugar which is available in both powdered and block forms as it is the closest replacement to white sugar and has more number of health benefits compared to sugar. Daily consumption of jaggery after every meal improves digestion and avoids constipation. Jaggery online is a good source of iron and hence helps to maintain the hemoglobin levels protecting you from iron deficiency. Buy jaggery online Bangalore to make it a part of your daily diet as it helps to boost your immunity to fight against common diseases and keep you fit and active all day. Buy jaggery online in Bangalore as it is easily available in our online stores and comes with a promise of purity. We at Eztrolley ensure that the jaggery we deliver to you comes from the best brands so that you are satisfied with the product.