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Buy Ketchup and Sauce Online In Bangalore

Ketchup often called tomato ketchup. A tangy seasoned tomato sauce it is one of America’s favorite. It is usually made out of tomato, vinegar, sugar and some spices and then bottled into a thick liquid. Tomato ketchup is put upon with various dishes like sandwiches, chips, fries etc. Tomato ketchup is the world famous sauce. The chopped and precooked tomatoes are pumped into machine for pulping which separate seeds, skin from the pulp. The pulp and juice are filtered. At this stage salt sugar and other spices are added and ketchup is ready. It contains good content of lycopene which prevents premature aging, keeps stomach and skin soft. It improves overall health. sauce is a French word . buy Sauce is a flavoring liquid food used during the preparation of other foods. Sauce comes in different variety and flavor. Sauce are of two types hot and cold sauce. Hot sauce made with flour, fat, milk and added ingredients. Check out the pure buy ketchup online in Bangalore and buy sauce online in Bangalore from EZTrolley the largest seller of ketchup and sauce in Bangalore.

Ketchup and sauces are condiments used with various dishes that are served as snacks like fries, chips, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs etc. Generally ketchup is nothing but tomato sauce that tastes sweet and tangy. Previously we had only tomato ketchup available, but now you can buy ketchup and sauces online in Bangalore of different varieties that are prepared by using sweeteners, vinegar, assorted seasonings and spices. You can buy ketchup and sauces online in Bangalore available at our Ezstore in different variants as per your requirement. Sauces are either used as dips with many snacks or used as an ingredient while cooking certain dishes to get particular flavor. You can Buy sauces online in Bangalore like soy sauce, pasta and spaghetti sauce, steak sauce, barbecue sauce etc to make your dishes flavorful;. You can buy international flavor sauces online in Bangalore like barbecue sauce Texas style online, Schezwan sauce online, Heinz imported hot sauce online, Mustard sauce online, imported Smokey Chipotle chilli sauce online etc with Eztrolley and give a touch of imported flavors to your dishes.