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Buy Mayonnaise Online In Bangalore

Mayonnaise is a cold sauce. It is made by blending egg yolk and oil, and then flavored with vinegar, mustard, spices. It is used as base for creamy type salad dressing. Its color varies from white to pale yellow. Mayonnaise is made by adding oil to egg yolk by continuously stirring so that oil mixes well with egg yolk. The oil and water in yolk forms the base of the emulsion then vinegar is added along with mustard the mixture is hydrated and evenly spread. Oil is added rapidly as it absorbed. The obtained mixture is Mayonnaise online . Mayonnaise has 85% fat. This make Mayonnaise a calorically dense food. Buy Mayonnaise online in Bangalore from EZTrolley the best online Mayonnaise shopping store in Bangalore.

Mayonnaise is basically a rich sauce used for various purposes. It is used as a spread to create a base on pizzas, sandwiches, etc. It is also used as a dressing for salads, pastas, or used as a dip for fries and seafood. Mayonnaise is generally prepares using egg yolk and other ingredients like olive oil, lemon or vinegar. You can also buy veg mayonnaise online in Bangalore that is made of flour, lemon, vinegar and milk butter. People have a misconception that mayonnaise is unhealthy; however studies have proved them wrong. Mayonnaise contains Omega- 3 fatty acids and vitamin E that are beneficial for human health. You can buy mayonnaise online in Bangalore and use it as a base with other sauces to make other condiments. You can buy mayonnaise online in Bangalore and mix it with tomato sauce to make fry sauce that tastes very good. You can make tartar sauce by adding mayonnaise to parsley and carper to enjoy a great flavor with seafood. You can buy mayonnaise online in Bangalore with Eztrolley from popular brands at affordable prices.