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Buy Mustard Oil Online In Bangalore

Mustard oil the oil extracted from the mustard seeds. Mustard seeds are small round seeds from mustard plants usually yellow, white or black, they contain rich source of oil and protein .They come in two varieties: fatty vegetable oil and essential oil. Mustard seeds are pressed to get fatty vegetable oil. Essential oil is obtained by grinding the seeds, mixing water to it and extracting oil by distillation. Buy Mustard oil contains low saturated fat which is good for health. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties and vitamins. Mustard oil has very good aroma. There are many health benefits it reduces hair fall, gives a glowing skin, reduces cardiac risk etc. Mustard oil is an excellent product that is used for number of purpose. It can be used as massage oil, use it for hairs as conditioner, add it to food for flavor. Buy Mustard oil online in Bangalore from EZTrolley the largest online Mustard oil product shop in Bangalore.

The health benefits of mustard oil also known as ‘sarson ka tel’ are attributed to its properties as an appetizer, stimulant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, insect repellant etc. It is dark yellow in color and a little pungent to taste and a strong aroma. Buy mustard oil online in Bangalore as it is very healthy and considered a part of Indian culture and Tradition. Mustard oil online is prepared in two ways, one is by compressing the mustard seeds and extracting the oil and the other is grinding the mustard seeds and mixing with water and then extracting the oil by distillation. You can use the cold pressed mustard oil for many external uses like for healthy skin, in aroma therapies, and also apply it to your scalp to get healthy and thick hair eventually. You can buy essential mustard oil online in Bangalore for healthy cooking with Eztrolley at a reasonable price from the best brands and get it delivered right to your door step.