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Buy Paneer online in Bangalore

Paneer is a fresh curd non melted cheese first made in Indian subcontinent. The most common cheese in Indian cuisine. Paneer made of cow’s or buffalo’s milk and is not aged. The boiled milk is added with food acid to separate the curds, then strained and beaten by cheesecloth. Paneer has high quality of vitamins and protein essential for health. Buy Paneer is a versatile dairy product used in snacks. Paneer is done by boiling milk with 2 table spoon of vinegar or lemon juice and stir well. After the milk is curdled wrap it with a muslin cloth, and then the content of muslin cloth under heavy saucepan and paneer online is ready. Buy Paneer is a type of cheese. It is called cottage cheese. Buy Paneer online in Bangalore a versatile dairy product used in snacks on Eztrolley Bangalore’s largest seller of dairy products.

Paneer also known as cottage cheese is perhaps the tastiest dish vegetarians eat. There a lot of paneer lovers in India. It is a milk product which can be used in several forms like, chunks, burji or small bits, fried, sautéed, barbeques or grilled. It tastes good in almost all these forms. You don’t need to have a second thought about the health benefits of paneer online as it is an excellent combination of taste and health. Paneer online is a very good source of proteins especially for the vegetarians as they do not have meat products. Individuals who are interested in body building and weight maintenance, paneer is a very good option for them as it helps in muscle building. You can buy Paneer online in Bangalore to replace your unhealthy snacks with some tasty paneer pakodas as they give energy and also help to maintain your blood sugar levels. You can Buy fresh paneer online Bangalore with Eztrolley in the form of cubes or blocks depending upon the type of dish you are planning to cook.