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Buy Pappad Online In Bangalore

Pappad is a crispy thin round shaped snack food. Pappad are either fried in oil or cooked with dry heat. Pappad recipe vary region to region and are prepared from different ingredients and methods. A mixture of flour, salt and other ingredients are kneaded well together then the mixture is pressed flat into round shape and kept to dry in sun light. Buy the best crispy pappad online from EZTrolley, the largest seller of buy papad online in Bangalore.

Pappad is a popular food item in India. You will find pappad in almost every house in India as it is used often as a side dish with almost any main course food items. Pappad is an Indian wafer made of dried lentils. Pappad is a good appetizer and helps in digestion. Roasted or grilled pappad helps to absorb fatty materials from the throat and mouth. Pappads online are generally free from gluten and are rich in dietary fibres and proteins. You can Buy pappad online in Bangalore of different flavors depending on your taste buds. Pappads can be eaten as snacks dipped in sauce, chutneys or pickles. You can buy tasty pappads online in Bangalore and fry it, roast it, or just heat it on open flame, or microwave it for 30 seconds and serve it with your main course recipes. When you buy pappads online in Bangalore with Eztrolley you can choose from a verity of flavours like masala pappads online, chilly pappads, black pepper pappads and many more from the best brands available in the market.