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Buy Rusk Online In Bangalore

Rusk is a snack food normally served with hot drinks like coffee or tea. Rusk is a light rectangle shaped crispy dry soft textured range from sweet to plain in taste biscuit. Rusk biscuits are a snack food normally served with a hot drink such as coffee or tea. It is either sweet or plain to taste. It is also used for feeding babies. It has protein, minerals, calcium etc. Though it is used for feeding it is harmful as it contains high sugar content. Rusk biscuit is the end product of risen bread that is baked until it is dried. Buy good quality crisy rusk with an expected delivery on same day online from Bangalore’s best rusk product supplier online eztrolley. buy rusk online in Bangalore

Rusk is basically a hard biscuit or bread baked twice. Rusk is a bakery item used for breakfast and tastes best when dipped in tea or coffee or just as an evening snack. Rusk is used as baby food by soaking rusk in milk and made soft enough to feed the baby. Generally rusk is available in bakeries and cake shops only, however you can now buy rusk online in Bangalore from our online stores at the convenience of your home. Rusk comes in different flavors an types like milk toast rusk, cake rusk, plain rusk, flavored rusk etc. You can buy rusk online in Bangalore and make rusk chunks and add it to your soup instead of fried bread. Rusk is considered healthier than other biscuits as they have less sugar and are lighter to eat. Rusk taste good with tea, coffee, milk products and also with gravy, hence it can be used as both sweet and savoury. You can buy rusk online in Bangalore with eztrolley and from flavours like suji, jeera, milk etc from your favorite brands like Britania and Bisk Farm that are as fresh as just baked.