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Buy Wafers Online In Bangalore

Wafers are the oldest type of biscuits. Wafers a desert dish which is usually tasted with ice cream. Wafers were slowly added to family of biscuits. Wafers are derived from Dutch in 1725. Wafers a crispy sweet thin & dry biscuit. The snack consists of a cream sandwiched between layers. buy Wafer is prepared out of dough cooked between plates to give the size, shape & impression. Wafer onlinecomes in variety of size and shape depending on the wafer maker. Wafer are eaten plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar or eaten with variety of topping depending on the region. Buy our yummy wafers with variety of flavors online shop from EZTrolley. The largest selling buy wafer online in Bangalore.

Wafer is a crispy sweet, thin and flat dry biscuit that is often used to decorate ice creams and desserts. Some wafers are flavored with cream and made like sandwich type of wafers. Children love wafers as they come in different flavors and depending on the flavors, wafers come in many colors that attract children to eat more of wafers. Although wafers are not filling you can have wafers in between meals or after meals as desserts. You can buy wafers online in Bangalore along with ice cream and chocolate sause to prepare your own sundae at home and treat your loved ones with tasty dessert. If you are travelling you can buy wafers online in Bangalore and carry it with you as they are easy to store and remain fresh for a long time. There are many chocolates which contain wafers like Kit Kat, Munch, etc. These chocolates get their crispiness from the wafers present in them. You can buy wafers online in Bangalore which are coated with chocolate if you are a lover of chocolate and wafers. You can buy wafers online with Extrolley and choose from many flavors, all from your favorite brands.