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Buy Yogurt Online in Bangalore

Yogurt is a dairy product made from bacterial fermentation of milk that is converting lactose in milk to lactic acid. Yogurt is prepared by heating milk to about 80 degree to kill any bad bacteria and to change the milk protein so that they set together instead of becoming curds. Yogurt is a healthy food for elders as well as infants. Yogurt provides proteins , fat carbohydrates and minerals for infants. Yogurt nutritional benefits are more than milk. It is rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin b6 , b12. Yogurt is often used in cosmetic mix with honey and turmeric mix. Sour buy yogurt is used as a hair conditioner. Plant based subtitles are provided for people whole do not consume dairy products using soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk etc. it is not possible to produce yogurt from plant source with the same bacteria used to convert milk to yogurt online. Yogurt can also be used as a beverage drink called Lassi usually slightly salt or sweet. Craving for a frozen yogurt? Choose from out exclusively cow’s milk fermented buy yogurt online in Bangalore from EZTrolley online, the largest online shopping spot in Bangalore.

We can say that what curds is to India, Yoghurt is to west. However curds and yoghurt differ very little from each other based on its method of preparation and the beneficial bacteria used to start the process of fermentation of milk. Presently yoghurt is the most recommended product in the weight loss market. You can safely replace your curds with yoghurt in your diet to gain more health benefits as it is almost two times higher in protein content and almost at the same price as curds. You can buy yoghurt online in Bangalore of different flavours to make your healthy diet a lillte more interesting. Different flavored yoghurts online also attract your kids to consume this healthy food with not much fuss. Yoghurt can help you regain your energy after a workout and also help to build your muscles better. Consuming yoghurt daily will help you have better teeth keep you from catching cold. Buy yoghurt online in Bangalore regularly to keep your immune system strong.